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If you arrived on these pages because of a window appeared during the use of Magellan GPS CD, please read these information.


To allow each user of Windows NT/2000/XP systems to save and restore preferred display settings, automatically.

To copy the content of a text file into the clipboard, even at system startup.

To create auto-running CD-ROMs; even CD-ROMs that auto-open a document instead of an executable program; for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.

A small Java applet to show two-levels menus in web pages (updated: v. 1.32).

a small program that can monitor creation of new files and/or processes on a PC running Windows.

C source code of a terminal emulator for Unix/Xenix ( Antonio Pennino).

Health & Environment

My personal opinion about HIV - AIDS controversy

DHMO (in Italian)
a danger for human health?

DHMO (original English site)

Environmentally friendly methodologies for human body thermal control

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Something about me
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