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Links to some interesting sites

  • Brindisi
    Unofficial web pages about the town that adopted me
  • Mc-link (in Italian only)
    Prior to become an Internet provider, it has been the point of aggregation of Italian "modem communities"; nowadays, it's still possible to find true "old farts " specimens there, like me
  • Chimicare
    Chemistry for non-Chemists (but for Chemists as well). Strongly recommended (in Italian only).
  • (in Italian only)
    Pietro Scatigna's (a friend of mine) personal website
    The website of my brother Nunzio, that includes information about motorbikes, tourism, recipes and other things
  • (in Italian only)

    An Italian association born to defend rights of bikers, mainly in terms of safety on public roads; thousands of bikers each year are victim of poorly designed structures and roads. Worse than a war.
  • Duesberg
    Among several ephemeral things, a really serious discussion topic: the HIV - AIDS controversy
  • NetBSD
    My favourite operating system: simple, lightweighted, elegant, freely downloadable, very good to set up servers (well, actually not just servers...)
  • KDE
    My favourite desktop manager for Un*x systems; it isn't the lightest or the most efficient one around the world, but it actually works well
  • Fessi (fools) (in Italian only)
    It might look like simple irony about ourselves and people around us, but instead it's a raw picture of the hard reality
  • (almost completely in Italian only)
    Raimondo Spada's homepage: a perfect mix of good style, science and technology, arts, good food, novels, scientific studies. The whole thing is spiced with a bit of politically incorrectness that makes it unique.