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To copy the content of a text file into the clipboard


This page hosts a small and useful software that can copy the content of a text file into the clipboard. This software may even be launched automatically at system startup, in order to get the desired text into the clipboard at each session start.


This software and the related source code is freely downloadable ad useable.

  • Download the executable (no need for installation: just uncompress and copy it into a folder on PC): (txt2clip.zip - 13 kB)
  • If you are interested in knowing how this software works internally, or if you are willing to modify or enhance it, you may download its source code (a C compiler for Windows is required): (txt2clip-src-1.0.zip - 4 kB)


After downloading and uncompressing the software, just create an icon (a "shortcut") that invokes the executable and the name of the file whose content is to be copied into the clipboard: in the "command line" edit control you can write, for example, something like:
    C:\Program Files\txt2clip\txt2clip.exe c:\gnogno.txt

Such a shortcut can be even be created in the "Startup" folder, if you need that the content of the text file ("gnogno.txt" in the above example) is to be copied into the clipboard at each system startup.


This software is released under the DWYWWIECYWI (Do Whatever You Want With It Except Claiming You Wrote It) license.


This software is a very simple and non-intrusive product; anyway, it's impossible to guarantee that it will work properly in all cases. In other words, this software is supplied as-is, without any warranty of any kind, implicit or explicit. I will not be responsible for any (and unlikely) damage that might come from its utilization.