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To allow each user of Windows NT/2000/XP systems to save and restore preferred display settings, automatically


Users of Windows NT or 2000 or XP who must share the PC with others, sometimes get disappointed because they are forced to use all the same display setting: some users might have special needs in setting video display because of personal taste or other reasons, so it's rather annoying to manually set display configuration at each logon.

SAVEDSPL allows each user of a Windows NT/2000/XP system to save and use his/her preferred display settings, automatically.

The SETUP procedure does everything is needed to run it automatically at logon of each user of the system; anyway, in case something went wrong during installation (for example if installed by an user without the required privileges), just install a shortcut to it in the AUTOSTART folder.

Once correctly installed, each user's display settings will be saved when logging off and will be restored when logging on next time.

Alternatively, you can use it to set your preferred display settings by creating a shortcut with a command line in the format:


For example:

SAVEDSPL 1024x768x32x75


This software and its source code is freely downloadable and useable.

Installation and use

Nothing special to mention, but the need to install it with administrative privileges if you want to configure automatically the software for all users of the system. Alternatively, it will be necessary to create manually a shortcut in the Startup folder.

The software will automatically save and restore the display settings at each logon and logoff for each user.


This software is released under the DWYWWIECYWI (Do Whatever You Want With It Except Claiming You Wrote It) license.


This software is a very simple and non-intrusive product, and it has been tested on a number of different PCs; anyway, it's impossible to guarantee that it will work properly in all cases. In other words, this software is supplied as-is, without any warranty of any kind, implicit or explicit. I will not be responsible for any (and unlikely) damage that might come from its utilization.