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More or less useless information about me

  • I live in Brindisi, Italy
  • Year of birth: 1963
  • My family: me, my wife Rosanna, our two children: Elisabetta and Nicola
  • Nickname: Ldx
  • Nickname meaning: none (it's the nickname I used when I was a boy to record my name in the "hall of fame" of video games that were limited to three characters: I didn't like "ALD", so I chose my name's consonants only "LD", and I filled the spare blank with an "X")
  • Job: researcher in a chemical laboratory
  • Hobbies: playing bass guitar and acoustic double-bass, riding on motorbike, playing some sports (tennis, swimming)
  • More than a hobby: computer programming (C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, PHP, ASP)
  • Preferred sports: table tennis (I played it at agonistic level when I was younger), basketball (I played it at agonistic level when I was younger), tennis (I play it nowadays, at a very low level), swimming (I swim nowadays just to keep in fitness), motorbikes and car racing (I've never raced on a bike or a car)
  • My motto: "Today don't do anything that can be postponed to tomorrow"