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They were able to do something wrong with the simplest software ever

It's some months now that my mailbox gets messages from disappointed people who are complaining about some malfunctioning of their Magellan GPS installation CD, that shows a window that in turn opens these web pages.

I absolutely don't know what the hell Magellan people did wrong, but one thing is absolutely sure:


The explanation to this problem MIGHT be this: I guess that people at Magellan were looking for a system to make their installation CDs auto-starting, they did some search on internet and found AVVIA.EXE, a small freeware and open source program hosted on these web pages. This program, probably one of the simplest program ever written, needs a tiny configuration file (just a couple of lines). There are even all instructions on how to use it.

Well, people at Magellan not only didn't feel the need of thanking me for using my software (it was not necessary but just polite), but they were able to do something wrong in the CD setup and AVVIA.EXE configuration (I can guarantee that it was really difficult to make something wrong). So, when the user of Magellan GPS put the CD in the drive, my software AVVIA.EXE auto-starts and doesn't find something that was misconfigured by someone at Magellan; a small error box is shown on the screen, with a push button that opens it's author web pages (these pages). Users then think that there is something wrong with some software written by me, and many of them write me emails with complaints.

So, if you are in trouble with your Magellan installation CD and you get into these pages, please don't write to me, it's not my fault and I absolutely don't know what to answer (except that now I preferred not to write some public domain software). Instead, you can complain with your reseller and/or with Magellan itself. If you can and want, you might suggest them two things as well:

  1. When they use software written from other people to use for commercial products, it's not necessary but at least polite to send a small thank to the author.
  2. Hire better developers.